viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009


Hello Everybody,

Well im gonna write this entry in english because is dedicated to SAWADA - CHAN!!!! and he follow us here hihihi...
We sent him some chocolates from CHOCOLAT FACTORY and well..he sent us a picture with it!

Enjoy Sawada-chan, we loves you! >:3 looks so cute in suit =D

xoxo besitos xoxo

9 comentarios:

  1. So cuuuutee!!
    (He must be a nice person if he does things like that :3)

  2. Qué detalle por su parte^^

    Besotes!!! And kisses for Sawada-san^^

  3. Este hombre es muy sembrao, igual que el Sakurai, la verdad XD lo idolatro!!

    I love you, Sawada-san!!

  4. Tiene cara de apañao este hombre XD

  5. Mr. Sawada is so kind and wonderful *_*
    I wish he will came to Madrid soon!!!

  6. haww so cute ! Sawada is a very nice person, I've never know someone as kind as him !