lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Último día de ventas/Last day sales

Sending from: Spain
Sending to: Preference EU (because is cheaper) but i send Worldwide  :D
Payment system: bank transfer, Paypal, i accept Payment plan
I bought all the items to the Brands, so im the first owner


(100% positive)

DONT ask me for trades, im moving and i really need the money

ATT!!! I have 2 cats, i keep them far of my Lolita clothes and i clean and iron everything and of course i do my best for put the hairs out (im allergic to cats btw :PPP) so please be carefull, and there is no smoke in my home ;)

Innocent World Beige Headdress - 12€ 
(from Lucky pack)
Brand New

BTSSB Cream Ponytails - 18€
*Used 1 time*

 BTSSB RedxWhite Ponytails - 15€
Red, White
Brand New

Perfect, Used 1 time
Brown, White
Bust: ~ 90cm
Waist: ~ 70cm
Long: 93cm

My pictures: frontbust detailready for sendworn

If you have any question, send me a PM in spanish, english or german

Many Thanks!!! 

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  1. Hola, creo que no llego a tiempo pero de todas formas pregunto para el jsk de baby ¿daría para unos 75 cm de cintura y 95 de pecho? Si aun estoy a tiempo estaría interesada en ese. Gracias con antelación.